This page contains a biography for all the speakers contributing to the African Caribbean Sustainability and Investment Summit 2024.

Prince Ifoh

African Youth Leader & Activist, Nigeria. 

Prince Ifoh is a prominent pan-African activist, renowned for founding the Young African Leaders Forum, dedicated to empowering youths and cultivating future African leaders. As the chief editor of the Young African Leaders Journal of Development (YALJOD), he pioneers Africa’s premier youth-led journal. An esteemed alumnus of the Teach for All network, Prince possesses extensive expertise in teaching, community engagement, and leadership development. His exceptional community service has garnered international acclaim, earning him prestigious awards such as the African Union Youth Hero Award, Gathering of Africa’s Best recognition, British Award for African Development, and The Africa We Want Award.

Nathaniel Peat

Serial Entrepreneur, London.

Nathaniel Peat is a celebrated Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Business Coach, Engineer, and Pilot, renowned for his numerous talents and achievements. Recognized on prestigious lists such as the UK Black Power List and EMPower UK Financial Times List, his impact is profound. As the co-founder of Gennex Solar, he spearheads innovative renewable energy solutions in Africa. Additionally, he founded The Safety Box, which provides training programs aimed at reducing violence and empowering youth with vital skills. Notably, The Safety Box achieved a remarkable 95% reduction in violence in prisons in 2013 and has since facilitated over 68% of offenders and ex-offenders in employment or education since 2017.

Denell Florius  

Connect4Climate Young Climate Innovator, Saint Lucia.

Denell Florius, recognized as OECS 30 under 30 and a Connect4Climate Young Climate Innovator, is a determined entrepreneur hailing from Saint Lucia. As the Co-founder of EcoCarib, a Green Technology Group Energy Company, he spearheads initiatives in renewable energy and green technology. EcoCarib offers customized platforms for affordable solar electricity, integrating energy management, solar energy, battery technology, electric vehicle charging, and financing systems. Denell also serves as a director at the Alliance for Green Innovation and Technology, driving the adoption of the Green Economy in Saint Lucia. With a decade of experience, he is celebrated regionally and internationally for his contributions to the Green Energy Space, aspiring to transition the Caribbean to a sustainably greener future through innovation.

JD Douglas

International Producer Playwright and Director, London.

JD Douglas, an accomplished international Producer, Playwright, and Director, boasts a BSc Honours Degree in Economics from Cardiff University. His theatrical works have graced prestigious venues across England, including The Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Alexandra Theatre, Ashcroft Theatre, and Apollo Theatre. With production experience at Wembley Arena and Birmingham Symphony Hall, he orchestrated Jamaica’s 50th Independence Celebration Concert. Notably, he co-produced and scripted the acclaimed stage musical "Black Heroes In the Hall of Fame," a seminal production on Black Historical Achievement staged in London’s West End. Douglas's published works include "Caribbean Man’s Blues," "Paul Robeson: A Portrait," and "Storms of the Heart."

Michaelle  Kubwimana

CEO, Rwanda Business UK & Kawah Coffee, Rwanda
Michaelle Kubwimana, a Rwandan entrepreneur based in London, is the visionary founder and CEO of both Kawah Coffee and Rwanda Business UK. Drawing on her extensive experience, she crafts and oversees robust professional networks. With a deep understanding of networking, pivotal role in business expansion, Michaelle fosters strategic alliances between Rwandan and UK entities. Her unwavering dedication ensures Rwanda Business UK's network thrives, enabling fruitful partnerships and collaborations. Through her leadership at both Kawah Coffee and Rwanda Business UK, Michaelle Kubwimana emerges as a dynamic force, catalyzing synergistic connections and nurturing growth across local and international spheres.

Dr. Graziella Thake

CEO, The Optimisation Hub, Australia.

Dr. Graziella Thake, CEO of The Optimisation Hub, is a passionate advocate for youth mental health and sports development. With a wealth of experience spanning psychology, leadership, and risk management, she leads groundbreaking initiatives to promote positive health development. Her visionary leadership has garnered global recognition, including prestigious awards and affiliations with esteemed organizations like the United Nations. Dr. Graziella's transformative impact extends across diverse sectors, from law enforcement to sports governance, underscoring her commitment to effecting positive change. Through her tireless advocacy and mentorship, she continues to inspire and empower individuals worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on generations to come.

Dr Keith Nurse

Producer, Docudrama 'Forward Home', Trinidad & Tobago

Dr. Keith Nurse, President of the College of Science Technology and Applied Arts Trinidad and Tobago, boasts a distinguished career in academia and international organizations. Formerly Principal and CEO of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in Saint Lucia, he held prestigious roles as World Trade Organization Chair at the University of the West Indies and Director of the Shridath Ramphal Centre for Trade Policy, Law, and Services. With extensive experience as Executive Director of the UWI Consulting Company and as a Senior Economist at the OECD Development Centre, Dr. Nurse is also an expert member of the UN Committee for Development Policy. Additionally, he chairs CaribbeanTales World-wide Distribution Inc. and co-founded CaribbeanTales Incubator, showcasing his commitment to Caribbean cultural promotion.


Ngozi Oyewole

President, CBW Africa, Nigeria.

Mrs. Ngozi Oyewole is a distinguished entrepreneur, advocate, and leader dedicated to empowering women and driving positive change in Africa. With over two decades of experience, she has established herself as a trailblazer in various sectors, particularly in business, mentorship, and philanthropy. Mrs. Oyewole holds prominent positions in several organizations, including Commonwealth Business Women Africa, Womanprenuer Africa, and the Association of Business Women in Commerce and Industry. She is recognized for her leadership in promoting women's inclusion and youth empowerment, as well as her commitment to gender equality and economic justice. Through her initiatives, such as Noxie Limited and the Beatrice Chiebonam Foundation, she continues to make a significant impact on society, inspiring women across Africa and beyond.

Dushyant Savadia

Founder & CEO Amber Group, Jamaica.

Dushyant Savadia is a globally renowned entrepreneur, distinguished humanitarian, public speaker, and technology disruptor who is movated by his commitment to give back to society. He has made a significant impact in the tech industry and beyond, as under his leadership, Amber Group, has emerged as a major player globally. However, for Dushyant, success is not limited to financial gains; it also involves making a positive impact on society through his humanitarian work with the Art of Living Foundation, championing charitable causes. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dushyant is an avid aviation enthusiast and a licensed pilot. He is also an Ambassador / Special Investment Envoy - Technology appointed by Most Hon. Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica

Louise Victor
Branding and Communications Specialist, Saint Lucia.

Louise Victor is a dynamic leader shaping Saint Lucian society across various domains. As a Chevening Scholar in 2017, she earned a Master of Arts in International Public Relations and Global Communications from Cardiff University. Her impactful roles include serving as President of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council, Executive Director of the Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre, and Director of the Cultural Development Foundation. Presently, she excels as CEO & Chief Brand Strategist of Oceans Brand Consulting and as Director of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture. Additionally, she contributes to sustainability efforts at Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd.

Professor Doirean Wilson

Coaching Professional, Fellow European SPES Institute, London.

Dr. Doirean Wilson, an Associate Professor of Business Sustainability, assumes the role of UK Chair of the G100 Club, a prestigious assembly of influential women leaders worldwide. Comprising Nobel Laureates, former Heads of States, and businesswomen, G100 aims to empower women and advise multilateral institutions like the UN. Dr. Wilson also serves on the Advisory Stakeholder board of the Police Race Action Plan, fostering trust in policing among Black communities. Recognized as one of the HR Most Influential Top Thinkers for 2023, her profound insights distinguish her as a thought leader. With multiple awards as an internationally recognized diversity expert, Dr. Wilson's impact resonates globally.

Michelle S. Moseley

Consultant, Coach, Educator, Canada.

Michelle Moseley is a seasoned financial consultant, educator, and life coach with expertise in consultation strategies, investment advice, and life coaching. Holding a master's degree in leadership and management from York St. John University, she also possesses various investment planning credentials and is a Certified Life Coach. Currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Philosophy of coaching and mentoring, Michelle contributes to industry committees and serves as Vice-Chair of the World Guyanese Congress. Additionally, she imparts knowledge as a college Professor at Centennial College's business school in Canada. Michelle's diverse skills and commitment to personal development make her a valued leader in her field.

Yvonne Apiyo Brändle-Amolo  
Swiss Parliamentarian, Activist & Artist, Switzerland.

Yvonne Apiyo Brändle-Amolo is a Swiss Parliamentarian, representing the Social Democratic Party and advocating for minorities. She chairs the European Minority Parliamentarians Caucus and the Pan African Women’s Association. As a former OHCHR Person of African Descent fellow and certified transcultural mediator, she utilizes her expertise to combat societal injustices. Renowned for her Femme-artivism, she employs mixed media like Swiss yodel, sculpture, and video to challenge discrimination. Her short film "Not Swiss Made" won 18 global awards, highlighting racism in Switzerland. Ms. Brändle-Amolo, a Harvard University certified Extended Reality expert, pursues an interdisciplinary PhD in Politics, Gender, Diversity, and Technology at the University of Maastricht, Holland.

Kevin Mtai

Kenyan International Environmentalist & Climate Activist, Kenya.

Kevin Mtai, a passionate Kenyan environmentalist, is dedicated to defending the climate. He is an ambassador for World Refill Day 2023. Kevin is a former event coordinator at MockCop. As a co-founder of KEAN, he supports activists and sustainability leaders. Serving as the Co-Founder and Global Development Director at Earth Uprising, Kevin advocates for climate education globally running environmental projects in Kenya and Africa. He plays a pivotal role in coordinating the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, fostering crucial discussions on the impacts of climate change. Through his multifaceted efforts, Kevin tirelessly works towards a more sustainable future, driving awareness and action in his community and beyond.

Bashir Dan

CEO and Founder, StackCarbon, Uganda
Bashir Dan is a visionary leader at the forefront of merging climate action with social upliftment. As the founder and CEO of Stack Carbon, an innovative carbon removal startup in Africa, he pioneers solutions that accelerate permanent carbon drawdown while empowering smallholder farmers. With over 3 years of experience spanning carbon asset development, offset trading, and policy advisory, Bashir advises governments, corporations, and NGOs on market-based climate mitigation strategies. Named among the top 10 most read thought leaders in carbon markets globally, he is widely respected for catalyzing climate action while fostering inclusive prosperity. Bashir's commitment to sustainability extends beyond his core work, making him a powerful force for a more sustainable future.

Kehinde Odanye 

Sustainable Solutions Specialist, London
Kehinde is an exceptional leader and TEDx speaker committed to sustainable solutions and fostering peace through policy, research, and advocacy. As a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeeper, he's recognized globally. Nominated for the Future Awards Africa, he won the 2023 ADKing Foundation's Young Professional achievement award in the USA. Kehinde serves in roles like advocacy specialist at the Commonwealth Youth Council and on the Policy and Research team at the London Interfaith Youth Council. He's contributed to initiatives like the GCM-UNESCO global consultation on education and holds a master's from the University of Sussex. Currently, he's a Chatham House Common Futures Conversationalist, shaping global discourse.

Ademola Adeyeba

Founder, Get Hench & 1000 Black Boys, London
Ademola is a Mindset, Transformation and Leadership coach. He is the founder of two businesses – coaching, people development and sales training company Get Hench and social enterprise 1000 Black Boys.   He has appeared on BBC Radio London, Sky One, The New Statesman, The Voice and has been featured in Forbes and other publications.   He has two decades business experience, mostly in the corporate events industry and he is a highly trained leadership coach. Ademola loves vision, and his personal vision is to see people living inspiring and purposeful lives, this is the inspiration for 1000 Black Boys and Get Hench.   

Dr Coreen Jacobs-Chester

Lecturer, University of Guyana
Dr Coreen Jacobs-Chester is a Lecturer at the University of Guyana within the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Government and International Affairs. Dr Jacobs-Chester is passionate about forced migration and its effects on the migrants in the receiving countries. Dr Jacobs-Chester has an MSc in Global Studies from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago and she recently graduated with a Doctor in Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies from Fiji National University. Dr Jacobs-Chester also loves languages and has taught English, Spanish, Portuguese and French for a number of years. She is fluent in Portuguese since she graduated with a degree in Portuguese from the Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil. However, she hopes to continue her studies and research in migration and its challenges.   

Dr Justina Mutale

Executive Leadership Development Expert, London
Dr. Justina Mutale is a globally renowned advocate for gender equality, recognized for her exceptional contributions to empowering women and girls worldwide. With prestigious titles such as African Woman of the Year and Africa’s Best Female Philanthropist, her influence resonates across continents. Dr. Mutale's remarkable journey spans over three decades of diplomatic and international development experience, shaping policies and advocating for social reforms. As the Founder and President of the Justina Mutale Foundation, she spearheads initiatives to uplift underprivileged African women through education and mentorship. A sought-after keynote speaker and bestselling author, Dr. Mutale continues to inspire change, leaving an indelible mark on the global quest for gender equality.

Remmie Male

Continental Executive Secretary CBW Africa
Remmie Male is a dynamic serial entrepreneur, author, and advocate for women's empowerment. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Makerere University, she founded Jamboree et Rendezvous, an events management firm, before venturing into various other enterprises. As the founder of Women of Valor Foundation, she dedicates herself to empowering women and youth through mentorship and entrepreneurship training. Remmie is also the Continental Executive Secretary for Commonwealth Business Women Africa and Global Executive Secretary for Pivoting in Heels. Her impactful work has been recognized internationally, and she continues to champion women's advancement through her diverse skill set and unwavering dedication.  

Alim Kamara

Spoken Word Thought Leader
Over the past 20 years, the founder of Storie Storie, Alim has taught workshops, run assemblies, delivered presentations, and performed at hundreds of schools across London, the UK and globally – including India, Sierra Leone, Dubai, USA, Peru, Amsterdam, Mexico, Kenya, and Canada. At least 50,000 boys and girls have witnessed and been impacted by Alim’s creative stories. His high-energy delivery and thought-provoking poems and fables have taught children and young people the importance of self-esteem, creative expression, identity, culture and history.However Alim’s impacts goes beyond the classroom. Working with prestigious institutions such as Ministry of Defence, Channel 4, and Amnesty International, he uses the old age
craft of the spoken word to empower leaders and promote inclusive societies.

Chris Desai

Founder & CEO, Vayyu
Chris Desai, is a world renown Entrepreneur - Philanthropist from humble beginnings, Leicester, UK who has made considerable contributions to the United Kingdom & beyond with his organic luxury fashion brand Vayyu®, his registered charity The Vayyu Foundation® and his two global projects
UOCEAN 2050 & UEARTH 2050. Chris being mixed race himself with his upbringing stemming from Africa, India and the Caribbean, strives to work with isolated and underserved communities daily. Chris has been voted Forty under 40 for Climate & Sustainability and BBC Winner of the Make A Difference Awards and many more. 

Dr. Carolyn Walcott

UoG Centre for Communication
Dr. Carolyn Walcott is a media and communications specialist with expertise in journalism, international communication, and media development. She has worked with state media, NGOs, and IGOs, including the CARICOM Secretariat and UN agencies. In 2007, she joined the University of Guyana’s Center for Communication Studies after 15 years in media to mentor students and build human capacity. Dr. Walcott teaches Communication Law and Public Speaking in the US and administers UG's Masters in Communication Studies. She holds degrees from the University of Guyana, Ohio University, and Georgia State University.

Summit Theme: 

Bridging the African Caribbean Diaspora: Investing in a Sustainable Future.

The key areas for discussion include Agriculture, Climate Change, Cybersecurity, and Tourism.  The summit aims to engender Diaspora Engagement and Collaboration in an effort to strengthen socio-economic and cultural ties between the two regions.