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Recognize the significant role of the African and Caribbean diaspora in contributing to sustainable development and climate change mitigation measures in their respective regions.


Foster connections and partnerships between the diaspora and local businesses, organizations, and governments.


Forge links with the African Union (AU) the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) to establish common ground for the development of diasporic themes aimed at engendering collaboration through dialogue, knowledge sharing and networking.


Diasporic Engagement:


The summit recognises the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action, and the challenges of the UN district group of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) represented by Jamaica and Saint Lucia of the Caribbean. The accomplishments of diaspora representatives of Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Rwanda of Africa under UNSDG13 will also be examined as a crucial reference point in terms of how these seven disparate countries from two regions contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change by 2050.


Engage thought leaders, policymakers, and experts to share insights on sustainable development, climate action, investment strategies, and cross-regional collaboration.

Explore success stories, challenges, and opportunities in the African Caribbean context.

Forward-thinking and progressive young people passionate about the development and empowerment of youth in both regions.


Facilitate dialogue between local and international investors, sovereign wealth funds, and development finance institutions.

Showcase investment-ready projects and opportunities in the target regions.

ICT, Digital Economy & Cyber Security 

Explore collaborations in ICT infrastructure development, tech incubators, and digital literacy programs.

Seek to build resilience and effective risk management strategies for participating countries.

Climate Change & Renewable Energy

Promote the relevance and importance of four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 9, 11, 13, 16.


Agriculture & Agri-Business

Promote sustainable agricultural practices and technologies.

Explore investment opportunities in agribusiness, value chain development, and market linkages.


Promote sustainable business practices and technologies relevant to the tourism industry.

Explore investment opportunities in tourism/hospitality, value chain development, and market linkages.


Facilitate partnerships and collaborations among diverse African and Caribbean diaspora stakeholders.

Identify concrete investment opportunities in key sectors.

Develop a roadmap for sustainable development in the African and Caribbean regions.